Importance of Removing Your Make-Up Before Sleep

I know a lot of people don’t see the point in removing their make-up before bed, but it’s really bad for your skin. When you put make-up on you are blocking up all your pours and not allowing them to breath, which is a majority of the time where you get blackheads and spots from. By removing your make-you are freeing the pours and allowing them to breath again. 

There are two ways to remove your make-up at night, a quicker way and a more time consuming way. 

Quick Make-Up Removing. If your like me and finish work really late and don’t really want to spend 30 minutes taking your make-up off, the best way is to get a few cotton pads and I am currently using the Garnier Micellar Clensing Water, you can either be generous or use a little at a time, depends on how you want to use it. Personally I soak the pad and then swipe it over my face using circular motions, once the first side is full, I swap over to the clean side of the cotton pad and do the same. Once I think I have all my make up off, I then use another cotton pad and go all over my face, checking I haven’t missed spots and that I have got all my make up off. 1 pad for the eyes, one eye per side, one per cheek and one for the forehead and chin and then a final pad to check it’s all off! I find this is the best way after a long day in work or your just not in the mood for a longer cleansing. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and super soft! And most of all I have stopped coming out in as many spots since I have been using the micellar water. Its the way forward. 

More Timing Make-Up Removing. When you spend more time removing your make-up, you are just adding more care to your skin. I firstly start by washing my face, with a fragrance free hand soap, dove is the one I love to use. Then I use my Lush coffee scrub and work it into my skin using circular motions and then add a second layer and leave it for about 5-10 minutes as a face mask. I then rince this off with like warm water. Then depending how much make-up I have been wearing the past couple of days, I will sometimes get a cotton pad and the micellar water and just give my face a quick once over with it. If not I move straight onto moisturiser, this varies which one I use, as it depends how my skin is feeling, if I feel a bit sensitive I will use sanctuary or Clinique. If my skin is feeling normal I will use Ted Baker body lotion. 

I try not to use items with fragrance in them because they can end up irritating your skin, so just be careful if you do. This is why I only use the Ted Baker when my skin is feeling fine and not sensitive. 

If you are cleaning your skin for the first time, whether using the quick or more time consuming method, don’t be shocked if you come out in spots or blackheads the next day, it’s just because your skin isn’t used to being clean and cleansed, if you keep on top of it, you will notice a huge difference in your skin! Trust me… I have! 
Micellar Water 

Prices range, always good to buy when offer, as the sizes range to! Totally worth the money! 

Sanctuary Moisturiser 

Ted Baker Lotion

All of these products are worth the money, I never useually have to buy the sanctuary or the Ted baker as I always get it as presents and they are always in sets. But on the bright side it lasts ages, so I just nearly run out as I get a new one.


8 thoughts on “Importance of Removing Your Make-Up Before Sleep

  1. Amazing post and routine! Although I will definitely say I would advice against using the dove hand soap, as you take away your natural oils harshly and can end up making your skin more oily. Two thumbs up on everything else! Using an eye makeup remover is also really good for keeping the under eye moisturized and your lashes healthy, makes the whole process easier. ❤

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      1. No problem! I used to use dove soap but I noticed that sometimes it make my skin dryier than if I used actual makeup removers, so I switched but definitely Dove is loads better than protex or other harsher soaps!


      2. I have used several products: MAC makeup remover, lancome take it away, biotherm cleansing lotion, and origins frothy cleanser. Lancome and Origins are my faves. For eye makeup the Origins Well Off and the Lancome Bi Facil are great options.


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