The thing everyone judges…. EYEBROWS!

I remember when eyebrow products was in the shop, but was never even bought, it wasn’t a topic of conversation, we didn’t pluck them, we just left them bushy and huge!! Now I realise how much better eyebrows are since drawing them on, for me I need to as a majority of my eyebrow hair has fallen out and I have no idea why, probably over plucking when I was younger, or randomly dying them with hair bleach, but now they won’t grow back! I have the front bit, but no arch. The funny thing about eyebrows is that where ever you go, whoever you look at, you just look at their eyebrows and actually judge them. Some you are like ‘Jesus I wish I could do mine like that’ or your like ‘fuck, what are they!?’ But then you have to think what people would say about yours, I hope they like mine but we all have our bad days where we have one fleeeeeky brow and one a bit not! 

For people that are like me and have little or no hair, I defiantly reccomend the dipbrow promade from Anastasia Beverly Hills, as this stays on FOREVER! Literally lasts all day and longer probably! It’s amazing stuff, I draw my eyebrows on everyday and it lasts me around 1year and 6months. Which is totally worth the money. 

I wouldn’t reccomend the benefit brow whiz promade as when I drew my eyebrows on, I noticed it came off if you touched it, even after setting with a eyebrow gel and using primer and without, I tried a lot of different things to try and make it work, but my brows just wouldn’t say! I love the consistency of the gel but unfortunately for my lack of hair, it doesn’t really do the job. 

I can mix the two products as I find the benefit is better for the front of the brow and then the bit where I have no hair I use the Anastasia dipbrow. 

Is there a brow gel or product you use and works well?! Please let me know I’d love to try some products you reccomend! 


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