Learning Make-Up?!

We all have different views on what good or amazing make-up is. There are so many different make-up artists that inspire me such as Plouise – who has worked her way up, opening a shop up and doing master classes all over the country and being a down to earth girl because she knows what working hard for something is all about. Then you have Jamie Genevieve, who creates the most wonderful smokey, grungy eye make-up ever! And also loves highlight as much as me!! Also I love Nicole Guerriero, who is funny and so down to earth and loves to do different stuff all the time and doesn’t be boring with her tutorials. 

I think watching tutorials does help you, it gives you hints and tricks on what you could do, or you take what they are doing but do it your own way… if that makes sense?! 

We all learn and the more we learn the better we are. But that doesn’t mean to say the best make up artists are the ones that went to university because they are some of the worse! Practise makes perfect. It’s all about experimenting and trying different stuff out not only to what suits you, but to learn the different make up techniques you can use on yourself and other people. 

If people ever tell you, you can’t make a career from make up. Do not listen to them, because no matter what, if you work your hardest and practise you’ll get to where you want to, you just need to be prepared to work for it. 


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