Struggling to sleep?

Are you one of those people that struggle to switch off? I am! It’s horrible, I literally have to wait until I fall asleep. But here are some ways that might help you, because they sure did help me! 

1. Putting your phone on charge, do this. But not next to your bed. If you have set an alarm, somewhere close, but not in reaching distance. Turn it facing down, so if you are awake you can’t see if someone has replied or messaged you! This will stop your mind from thinking about all the things it has just seen on your phone. 

2. Camomile Tea this tea is great for sending you to sleep and relaxing you. You won’t notice until about the 3rd time of trying. If it doesn’t work the first time, it’s because things need time to settle in and get used to your body. You need to have patience. 

3. If you have a day off, don’t spend all day in bed. Sit in the living room, go for a walk, just avoid your bed! As comfy as it is, staying in bed isn’t good for your sleep, it confuses the mind slightly as your bed is somewhere you sleep. Not where you eat, drink and watch TV. 

4. Don’t do any games that have to make you think a lot. Read a book instead, this will relax you, instead of making you think about a game and possibly make you stressed if your loosing… you know what I mean! 

I find people just presume that they have a sleeping disorder and get sleeping tablets straight away. You need to try these first because you don’t want to put lots of different tablets in your system, because when you really need them, they won’t have an effect on you. 

I hope this helps! 



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