Ever Thought About Trying Gin?!

Whenever I ask people about trying Gin, they always say they don’t like tonic! But you don’t just have it with tonic. Even though it does taste good when you squeeze lemon juice into it, or have cucumbers in there. But there are so many drinks you can mix it with. 

1. One of the best in my eyes. Bitter Lemon or San Pellegrino(lemon), obviously with ice! This tastes very refreshing, you can taste the slight hint of gin but nothing over powering… well depends how much gin you put in but if you do a double measure around 50ml it’s perfect! 

2. Pomegranate Tonic Water, this adds a difference to the normal G&T. It creates all different flavours in your mouth, nothing harsh and much different to a normal Tonic taste. 

3. Infused Gin’s, cranberry infused. You could add extra cranberry juice or mix with lemonade or Tonic and it’s almost a cocktail! 

4. Lemonade, if you like a sweeter, drink this is the one! Very refreshing, almost like bitter lemon but doesn’t have a very strong lemon flavour. 

5. Gin, Tonic and different fruits. This could be watermelon, melon, oranges etc. This adds and creates a more vibrant and flavoursome drink. Mixing the fruits together is also good to try! You can use lemonade to! 

What Gins?! 

HendricksGordansBombaySaphireEdenMillTanqurayGreenallsBrockmansBeefeater and so many more!! There are hundreds of gins out in the world! I would love to taste them all! Each gin has a different type of flavour. If you get the small almost tester bottles as I call them, pour them in to separate glasses with the mixer you want and taste, you will be able to notice and taste the difference in flavour! It’s crazy! 

Just remember Gin is amazing!


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